#JustSayKnow: Dennis Peron

Dennis Peron passed this evening. You should know about him, Newbie. Legal cannabis would not have been possible without his activism. I had the fortune of being part of a special event for vets last Veterans Day, 11/11/17 at a dispensary in San Francisco called Harvest. I delivered a meditation I teach called iRest, and Dennis dropped right into it. When we came out, he smiled at me, nodded, and winked. He told me he was a big believer in meditation. Bon Voyage, Dennis. May you soar high. 💚

Author: Jaene Leonard

Cannabis educator/Current Offerings: Cannabis 101 and Microdosing & Mindfulness. Patient consultant and advocate. Practitioner & Teacher of Yoga & iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation/Current Offerings: Guided iRest Meditation and ongoing iRest workshops. Writer of plays and screenplays. Actor. Solo performer: "Call It Cannabis," performed in NYC at Peoples' Improv Theatre, Solocom '16.

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