About Jaene, The Compassionate Budtender

Jaene is a meditation and yoga teacher who found her way to the medical cannabis industry via the holistic door. She is also a writer, actor, and solo performer, and performed her most recent solo piece, “Call It Cannabis,” as part of Solocom, at the People’s Improv Theatre in New York City, in November, 2016.

She worked at Harborside Oakland for five years, as a budtender, patient consultant, and meditation teacher. Surrounded by amazing, brilliant people, she learned so much about the sacred plant — how it grows, how it heals, how it protects. Working behind the counter, she found herself part of a community unlike anything she’d ever encountered. There, she met everyone. Every. Single. Day. Her contemplative practice of meeting people right where they are both served her days at Harborside, and benefitted from them.

Any generalizations about the kind of people who use cannabis dissolve inside a dispensary. People talk to one another who might not cross paths anywhere else outside of the dispensary. It’s a beautiful thing. Cannabis is a connector. And everyone on the planet should have safe access to it.

The Man! The Activist! The Legend.

Inside the halls of Harborside, helmed by lifelong cannabis activist and general cool guy Steve DeAngelo, Jaene fell in love daily with the cannabis plant, and the mind-boggling potential of this healing medicine. Interacting with thousands of patients over those precious five years, Jaene came to witness firsthand the ways in which the plant interfaces with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) — the largest system in the human body — to promote balance and health. Though the plant has been at the center of healing traditions for thousands of years (and only in the last century became demonized), science is only beginning to elucidate all the ways in which cannabis changes the medical paradigm.


Jaene found her calling at Harborside, in the alchemy of cannabis medicine and her beloved yoga nidra meditation.

Jaene leads iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation for peer-led veterans’ cannabis support group Operation EVAC (Educating Veterans About Cannabis), facilitated by former Marine and Harborside alum Ryan Miller, which meets several days each month in dispensaries throughout the Bay Area. She has led iRest® with the Oakland chapter of Weed for Warriors and at the Inaugural session of Weed for Women Veterans.


She’s also led iRest® as part of HelloMD‘s inaugural Mindful Haven SF event, as part of Magnolia‘s series on brain health with Nurse Barbara Blaser, and is currently teaching weekly “Microdosing & Mindfulness” and “Medicate & Meditate” classes at The Harvest Shops in San Francisco.

HelloMD's Mindful Haven Wellness Event
A beautiful event! With Pamela Hadfield, Rachel Dugas, and Dee Dussault.

Jaene most enjoys hanging out at the cross roads of cannabis medicine and mindfulness practices — introducing cannabis naive patients of all ages to this beautiful, subtle, and powerful medicine as part of a wellness regime. Mindfulness is another tool we can use to be present in our lives. When we are present, when we are engaged, we are able to observe. When we observe, we can meet ourselves — and others — wherever we are. We have no need to change or fix someone else. We can navigate what life brings to us one moment at a time, seeking — and finding — that which connects us.